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She later comes face to face with Cutter's girlfriend Christine Karr, the fake Aubrey Wentworth, at the motel room.

Kim discovers that Cutter bought a stuffed beaver for Aubrey that Roxy Balsom's gun was hidden in, evidence in the murder case of Victor Lord Jr..

Kim is blackmailed by David Vickers into leaving Clint and Llanview in April.

Kim later turns up at The Spotted Pony strip club in Anchorage, Kentucky in August 2011 and is spotted by Rex.

In November 2009, Schuyler discovers that Stacy lost her baby, and Kim lies and say that Schuyler is the father.

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Totally wasted the talents of Jackie Burroughs, Parker Posey, Joel Grey, Billy Campbell, and John Mc Martin.Kim sneaks back into his motel room and steals the gun to blackmail Rex's biological mother Echo Di Savoy to convince her son to hand back the entire Buchanan fortune to Clint, so she can pay her friend's medical bills.In late September 2011, it is revealed that Kim's friend in the hospital is Stacy.Kim manipulates her way into a position as his executive assistant, and soon finds out that Clint's wife Nora Hanen has fallen back in love with her ex-husband, Clint's brother Bo Buchanan.

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In December 2009, Kim arranges for Clint to discover the truth.Kim tells Clint that Cutter is her brother, that her real name is Aubrey Wentworth, and that her mysterious friend in the Kentucky hospital is Stacy.