Charatan dating gd and sohee dating

13-Sep-2017 02:21

Neat pipe, interesting to see a SELECTED with the mixed finish. Any idea why it's called a Countryman -- and is that a Charatan name or one collectors gave it?

I only knew of this shape from Northern Briars -- didn't know Charatan made it first. I've looked at a few Northern Briars version of this pipe but passed due to what I felt was too high a price.

The bowl top is worth the price of admission, so I guess they were feeling generous.

Charatan Grosvenor pipes are made in the traditional way using only the finest seasoned Mediterranean briar and quality ebonite mouthpiece. Sandblast almost black finish with natural grain in a bold relief.

Al, after a quick reading of the article at pipedia I would tend to agree, possibly a tighter range 1958-61?

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