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O espectro registrado contém informação qualitativa e quantitativa que pode ser correlacionada com a identidade da amostra ou empregada na determinação da quantidade de seus constituintes. A primeira aborda aspectos históricos da técnica e os conceitos teóricos relevantes associados com LIBS; então, os aspectos práticos de diversas abordagens experimentais e instrumentais empregadas na implementação da técnica são revistos de forma crítica; as aplicações encontradas na literatura, incluindo aquelas que empregam quimiometria, são classificadas e exemplificadas por meio de trabalhos relevantes recentemente publicados.

Finalmente, uma tentativa de estabelecer uma avaliação global e as perspectivas futuras para a técnica é apresentada.

The laser is the fundamental and distinctive part of the LIBS instrument.

Therefore, this technique's history passes, initially, by the theory of stimulated emission of radiation proposed by Einstein early in 1917, The first commercial instruments were fabricated by Jarrell-Ash and Carl Zeiss in the beginning of the 70's.

This review describes the fundamentals, instrumentation, applications and future trends of an analytical technique that is in its early stages of consolidation and is establishing its definitive niches among modern spectrometric techniques.

The technique has been named Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) and its main characteristic stands in the use of short laser pulses as the energy source to vaporize samples and excite the emission of electromagnetic radiation from its elements and/or molecular fragments.

The last 26 years have witnessed the results of the efforts made by a number of companies and research laboratories towards the development of commercial instruments, of new applications and of theoretical models providing a profound insight into the fundamentals of LIBS and associated phenomena.

These wavelengths can be selectively associated to the presence of the analytes and whose intensity is proportional to their content in the sample.

Despite being generated by distinct phenomena, data analysis and interpretation are made much in the same way as in the old arc/spark excitation spectroscopy as well as in modern ICP OES instruments.

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