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Thus alone will there be a constant cry from our hearts, "O wretched man that I am" - for we shall be constantly aware of how unlike Jesus we are, even when we have come to a life of victory over conscious sin."Those who compare themselves with other believers are spiritual idiots" () for that is the surest way to spiritual pride and a hundred-and-one other evils.This is the mark of the spiritually mature Christian.Service for God, evangelism etc., - all take a secondary place to this goal, in the life of the mature man of God.If only we allow God to break us, if only we would humble ourselves and gladly accept death to our rights and reputation, how quickly He could lead us into life under the new covenant! This is what happens when God has finally broken us and given us a revelation of Himself.All the trying circumstances, frustrations and disappointments, heartaches etc., that we go through are meant by God to bring the strength of our self down to zero. Finally Job reached that zero-point where lying on his face in the dust, he said, "Lord, I am nothing. The same Moses, who once thought himself to be so capable (at the age of 40), when broken by the vision of God (40 years later) says, "Lord, I can't speak. Such has always been the experience of all who have seen the glory of the Lord! When God can bring us to that place, it is but a quick task for Him to give us the new wine, the life of Jesus, the divine nature, the pre-eminent blessing of the new covenant sealed through the blood of Jesus.There is no standing in the light, but rather a walking - a progression closer and closer to Him in whom there is no darkness at all.Thus the light shines brighter and brighter upon us and we become more and more conscious of the hidden sins that lurk in our flesh, which we were not aware of in earlier days; and the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all those sins.

To come back to that, we must be willing to do violence to every tradition of man that is contrary to God's Word ().

Oh that we might all come there quickly and live in that place - with our face in the dust before God - all our days!

For there is a development in this life from light to light ().

The chief work that God seeks to do in each of His children is to break down the strength of self totally.

Jesus waited for the old wine to run out, at Cana, before He did His miracle.

We can see the strength of self in the moments of temptation and provocation, when we react with bitter words, angry expressions, self-justification, criticism and judgment of others, unforgiving attitudes, a grabbing-love for material things, fighting for our rights and our reputation, seeking vengeance etc.