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Geographical proximity enabled the central authority of the Lombard kingdom to maintain greater control, although the frequent rebellions by the Lombard nobility against King Agilulf during the last decade of the 6th century demonstrate that this was not straightforward.The only Lombard dukedom in the north which controlled extensive territory was Friulia, which dated from the period immediately after the Lombard migration.

When the Frankish kings assumed control over the Italian kingdom, the nobles who accompanied them established themselves as a powerful new element in the Italian aristocracy whose influence was to outlive the rule of their royal masters.

This is not especially satisfactory as it in no way reflects divisions which existed in medieval times.

Nevertheless, it is anticipated that it will prove helpful to future research.

Italian nobles families in the 6th to 12th centuries are set out in three separate sets of documents, SOUTHERN ITALY (1) and (2), CENTRAL ITALY, and this document NORTHERN ITALY (1).

This geographic split in presenting the research on Italian nobility is justified by the divergent ways in which the noble families evolved in these three areas during the early medieval period, explained in part by the different outside influences to which each area was subject.

In addition, the Papal territories in Central Italy represented a buffer between north and south, especially after the 756 Donation of Pepin under which Papal claims to many parts of central Italy were recognised by the Frankish invaders.

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