Dating tips for the blind

04-Nov-2017 16:07

For women, it is best to have your hair styled at the salon several hours before meeting your blind date. Keep yourself safe Even if blind date can be fun, you should never let your guard down.

Consider a public place for your date venue like a restaurant or a park. Keep your first date short A simple short date is a great way to meet someone on a blind date, especially if you are meeting someone for the first time.

In that way, you would feel more relaxed in getting along with your blind date. If you do not feel the connection or chemistry with your date, you can simply make an exit right after.

Make sure that a friend knows where you will be and at what time. However, if you are interested, you can stick around some more or arrange to meet up again in the future.

It is supposed to be an exciting way to meet new people to hang out with, or even end up on a relationship with.

So don’t feel frustrated, as here are some useful tips that you need for that successful blind date.

Flex your schedule with additional activities with your partner such as going to the movies, dancing at the club, or joining a group activity such as yoga classes.

Be polite Whether the date goes well or bad, being polite with your date creates a mark on your personality. Even today when chivalry is a dying trait among men, it is best to provide respect to your date. Be grateful after he opens the door for you, thank him after he pull out a chair for you. What your date has revealed about him or her, tell to your date about your side as well.

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Another good body language is to face your belly button towards your date, an indication that you are interested to him or her.That is why you should first give importance to your appearance and grooming.