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Although China can count on high productivity growth, its capital stock adjustment is more advanced. But like Japan, which approached 70% of America’s scale in the mid-1990s, China will not be able to catch up with the U. — though it will get closer than Japan did at its peak.

“Although China’s growth rate will decelerate toward 2030, its economic scale, which was about 60% of the U. “China will remain the second-largest economy, well ahead of Japan.

Two years later, China will also become a high-income country. Thailand is likely to fall short of high-income status.

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A list of who managed what investments for GPIF at the close of the financial year on 31 March 2017 can bee seen under “The Giants” tab at the top of this page.“The high growth group will include the Philippines (6.4% in 2030), India (5.2%) and Vietnam (5.0%) over the next 10 years.China, which had nearly the same growth rate as India in 2016 — 6.7% — will slow down to 2.8% in 2030.Tokyo’s asset management firms enjoyed a steady second quarter, figures from the Japan Investment Advisors Association show, with mandates in issue up 1.3% to 7,319 and assets under management rising 3.0% to 2,285,192 billion yen with a good part of that gain coming from rising stock markets at home and abroad.

At the close of the quarter on 30 September each mandate in issue covered an average of 312.2bn yen in assets but the wide difference remains between those awarded by public pensions (including the Government Pensions Investment Fund which handles the contributions of the populace to the national basic pension) and those from company-based schemes.Another excellent report from the Japan Centre for Economic Research this time giving its mid-term forecasts for Asian Economies 2017-2030 and pointing up comparisons with Japan’s economic evolution.